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Plan Description

Plan AvailabilityAll States
Enrollment Deadline18th of month Prior to Effective date
Benefit AmountsMaximum coverage 3 times salary up to $250,000

Guaranteed issue

No Questions

Must meet the following criteria to be eligible for coverage:

1. full-time employment, working 20 or more hours per week,

2. 30 days of continuous employment with the employer,

3. actively at work on the effective date of coverage, and

4. Must be between 18 and 69 years of age for Guaranteed Issue.

Waiver of Premium RiderAll premiums related to the covered person’s coverage, will be waived once the covered employee has been totally disabled for six consecutive months. Premiums will continue to be waived as long as the covered employee is totally disabled.
Portability ProvisionIf the covered person’s loses employment with the employer or changes jobs, the covered person’s has the option to continue coverage and pay premiums.
Conversion OptionWhen coverage terminates, the covered person’s has the option to convert the Term Life coverage to a Permanent life insurance plan offered by the carrier at the same Death Benefit level.
Age Reduction Formula

Benefits decrease to:
65% of their benefit at the employee’s age 65;
50% at employee’s age 70;
25% at employee’s age 75;
and terminate at retirement.

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