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Plan Description

Bigger Value For A Brighter Smile.
Quality, affordable dental care… It’s that simple. Solstice dental plans offer rich plans and unbeatable savings with the security of knowing that you will be protected from hidden fees and surprises. Plus, our large open-access provider network means that you’ll never have to deal with frustrating roster restrictions again. Now that’s something to smile about. 

Issue ages: 18 to Any Age

Dependent children age: Last day of the year they turn 26

Plan includes $7,000 term life.

Enrollment Deadline17th of the month prior to effective date
Provider Lookup (Solstice PPO)http://www.solsticebenefits.com/provider-search.aspx (Solstice PPO)
Find a Dental Provider (How To)PDF
Plan Summary & Limitations, Non-Covered Services, and ExclusionsPDF

Individual Annual Calendar Year Deductible$50$50NOT COVERED
Family Annual Calendar Year Deductible$150$150 
Maximum (the sum of all Network and Out-of-Network benefits will not exceed Maximum Benefits)$2000 per person per Calendar Year$2000 per person per Calendar Year 
Annual deductible applies to preventive and diagnostic servicesNo (In Network)
No (Out-of-Network)
Solstice BenefitsBooster Included (Increasing Calendar Year Maximum Benefit)Yes
Preventive Waiver Saver Included (P&D Services Do Not Accumulate Towards Annual Maximum)No
Orthodontic eligibility requirementN/A
Periodic Oral Evaluation100%100%Limited to two (2) times per consecutive twelve (12) months.
Routine Radiographs100%100%Bitewings: Limited to one (1) series of films per consecutive twelve (12) months.
Non-Routine - Complete Series Radiographs100%100%Complete Series/Panorex: Limited to one (1) time per consecutive thirty-six (36) months.
Prophylaxis (Cleanings)100%100%Limited to (2) prophylaxis in any twelve (12) consecutive months, to a maximum of (2) total prophylaxis and periodontal maintenance procedures in any twelve (12) consecutive months.
Fluoride Treatment100%100%Limited to Covered Persons under the age of sixteen (16) years, and to one (1) time per consecutive twelve (12) months.
Sealants100%100%Limited to Covered Persons under the age of sixteen (16) years, and to one (1) time per first or second unrestored permanent molar every consecutive thirty-six (36) months.
Space Maintainers100%100%Limited to Covered Persons under the age of sixteen (16) years, one (1) time per consecutive sixty (60) months. Benefit includes all adjustments within six (6) months of installation.
Palliative Treatment100%100%Covered as a separate benefit only if no other service, other than exam and radiographs, were done during the visit
Restorations (Amalgam or Composite)80%80%Multiple restorations on one (1) surface will be treated as a single filling.
Simple Extractions80%80%Limited to one (1) time per tooth per lifetime.
Oral Surgery (includes surgical extractions)50%50%Extractions: Limited to one (1) time per tooth per lifetime.
Periodontics50%50%Periodontal Surgery: Limited to one (1) quadrant or site per consecutive thirty-six (36) months per surgical area. Scaling and Root Planing: Limited to one (1) time per quadrant per consecutive twenty-four (24) months.
Periodontal Maintenance: Limited to two (2) periodontal maintenance in any twelve (12) consecutive months, to a maximum of two (2) total prophylaxis and periodontal maintenance procedures in any twelve(12) consecutive months.
Anesthetics80%80%General Anesthesia: When clinically necessary.
Adjunctive Services80%80% 
MAJOR SERVICES (12 Month Waiting Period)
Inlays/Onlays/Crowns50%50%Limited to one (1) time per tooth per consecutive sixty (60) months.
Dentures and other Removable Prosthetics50%50%Full Denture/Partial Denture: Limited to one (1) per consecutive sixty (60) months. No additional allowances for precision or semi precision attachments.
Fixed Partial Dentures (Bridges)50%50%Bridges: Limited to one (1) time per tooth per consecutive sixty (60) months
Diagnose or correct misalignment of the teeth or biteNot CoveredNot CoveredNot Covered

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