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Plan Description

 CyberScout SilverCyberScout Platinum
Enrollment Deadline17th of the month prior to effective
Product Testimonialshttp://cyberscout.com/resource-center/recordings
Credit Report(s) and Score(s)XX
Credit MonitoringXX
Dark Web MonitoringXX
Social Security Number MonitoringXX
Change-of-Address MonitoringXX
Credit and Debit Card MonitoringXX
Email Account MonitoringXX
Payday LoansXX
Financial ID FraudXX
Sex Offender NotificationXX
Password ProtectorXX
Unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfer RecoveryXX
Estate SupportXX
Document ReplacementXX
Expert Resolution ServicesXX
One-Bureau Monitoring (TransUnion)XX
Three-Bureau Monitoring (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax) X
Child Monitoring X
Score Tracker - Unlimited X
Social Monitoring X
Mobile Application X
High-Risk Financial Monitoring X
Expense Reimbursement and Stolen Funds Reimbursement$1 Million$2 Million
Please note CyberScout is NOT Insurance.

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